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The Africa Atlas (available in English)

Produced under the scientific direction of Jean-Robert Pitte

A modern atlas to fast-evolving country, offering clear descriptions and well-documented and easy-to-read maps, all produced by specialists, scholars and researchers.  It contains 400 photographs and 250 maps and graphics.

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An excellent work of reference for students, academics and all those seeking specialised documentation.

Africa as a whole

- 28 chapters showing the country in relation to the rest of the world.

- All aspects of the physical geography: relief, hydrography, climate, vegetation, as well as the history, religions and languages.

Africa by region

- Situation maps with geopolitical visualisation, and French and United Nations toponymy, indexing

Africa by country

- All 54 countries and the dependent territories (Reunion, Mayotte, Ceuta, Melilla, etc) in alphabetical order.

-Numerous maps illustrating: relief, hydrography, agriculture, fishing and stock farming, trade, industry and natural resources.

Index, glossary

  • Height 28,5 cm
  • Width 21 cm
  • Livre de 256 pages



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