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A pilgrimage to their roots, for all Africans, and immersion in one of the oldest black civilisations for others, a trip to Mali never ceases to amaze and embrace.

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Mali strikes the traveller first by its incredible geographical diversity.  Green plains irrigated by the Bafing, Mount Hombori, the Bandiagara Escarpment, the desert to Timbuktu, and the pink dune of Koyma rub shoulders and sometimes straddle each other, continuously surprising the traveller. Two mythical rivers, the Senegal and the Niger, create a delta with many ramifications.  The grace of the canoeist lifting his oar, the colourful markets and the lively streets are just some of the pleasures to be discovered.

The strength of its traditions and its past make Mali an enchanting destination.  Its history tells of empires and kingdoms that successively dominated West Africa.  This bygone grandeur is the source of its exceptional richness, present in the architecture of the Dogon country and Mopti, known as the “Venice of Mali”, or in the legends of Soundiata.

The Mali of today also embraces the modern, as is evident in the capital Bamako.  Here, life fizzles and overflows, testimony to a city ready for the challenges of the future.

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