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Senegal stands sentinel for West Africa, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. It may be a small country by African standards, but its many nature reserves and sites of historical importance make it a must for visitors to the continent.

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In fact, one visit will scarcely be enough to explore the different facets of Senegal, from the shores of Lake Rose to beautiful Gorée Island, opposite the bustling port of Dakar, and the extraordinary Djoudj National Park, the third biggest ornithological reserve in the world, to the delightful coloured facades of Saint-Louis. And not least among Senegal's charms are its friendly, sociable inhabitants, vibrant living traditions and excellent, varied art.

Senegal strikes a balance between the extremes of the arid north and the luxuriant south, between the blazing sun and the gentle warmth of the trade winds. And it has nearly 450 km of beaches!

A hospitable country that looks to the future while acknowledging its past, Senegal offers unrivalled attractions.

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