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The A-Z of Women’s and Children's Health

The A-Z of Women’s and Children's Health

An A-Z to guide you, step-by-step.

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An A-Z to guide you, step-by-step.  How well do you know your body?  What are the different stages of life?

What is contraception?

How to avoid sexually transmitted diseases?

What happens during pregnancy?  How does one take care of a newborn?

Did you know that everyone comes into contact with tuberculosis?

Why should you vaccinate your child?

How do we protect ourselves from malaria and from AIDS?


So many questions which this practical guide, accessible to all, strives to answer.  Step by step, through all the different stages of life, with care and simplicity, it will guide you, alert you, and advise when to consult a doctor, how to ensure the health of mother and child, and how to maintain the health of the whole family.

More than a guide, it is a reference to the different stages of life.

  • Livre de 200 pages
  • Width 17,3 cm
  • Height 25 cm



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